How you helped Art & Souls become a reality

We are thrilled that everyone who uses our handmade pottery and artwork knows they are getting an authentic Art & Souls Creative Studio product worthy of an intentional and purposeful life.

~Kelly Brinkmann
Art & Souls Creative Studio
Owner and Artist

I am an

"I create artwork that reflects purposeful choices
while enjoying beauty in daily living."

Before I created Art & Souls Creative Studio, I was disenchanted with mass produced wares and how they were creating a huge consumer-based, disposable lifestyle that trained consumers to live on speed at the cost of savoring special moments.

Then, one day I made some wheel-thrown clay bowls and I started to use them in our home. They made me smile while admiring their unique textures and shape that were so unlike the slick and cheaply made china sets I had grown used to using.

I was concerned that others were feeling the same disconnect being surrounded by the mass-produced items all around them leaving them feeling out of touch with the simple pleasures of a slow life. Had they lost the feeling of how a bowl felt held nested in their hand while they savored cool ice cream? Or, had life sped up so fast that they skipped on past smelling fresh bread as it scooped into a bowl of hot, homemade soup? I saw their discontent.

But then…

I started to make bowls and cups to share with others and they loved the small details in each piece. They loved the thick walls that insulated foods keeping the cold treats cold and hot foods hot for longer periods of time. While using pottery, they loved feeling the variety of textures and admiring the changes in the glaze finishes. They were able to slow down and appreciate the small details again.

Building an Intentional Life…

Using handmade pottery invited them to slow down and enjoy their meal, playing with a variety of tactile textures, savoring the unique flavors of food,bringing peace to their dinner table again. I decided to set out and create the most unique pieces of handmade pottery for people who appreciate simple pleasures and slow living.

I make pottery pieces for people who want to be intentional and enjoy small moments during each day knowing the small moments build to make big changes within them.

It turns out, the road to make this type of artwork was more difficult than I imagined.

The right clay was hard to find with glazes that paired well with the clay body to achieve the look and feel I imagined. I experimented with white porcelain clay, smooth brown clay, and tough red clay, but the glazes bubbled and left pin-prick holes in the pottery.

After a lot of experimenting…

I found the perfect silky, yet strong, red clay body. I identified local materials and local suppliers that helped me achieve the marriage of simple functionality with unique forms I was looking for.

Then, my family moved from the area, changing my suppliers and materials once again. I wondered if I would not be able to find solutions to create the unique, handmade red earthenware works for my loyal customers again. But, because of my previous experiments and studio log books with records of my research, along with contacts with local suppliers, I was able to make the pottery I imagined again.

Sharing with family and friends…

Through it all, I released my first products and the response has been overwhelming from customers who want more unique pieces for their home. Now, they want to give and share the simple pleasure of eating from handmade pottery with their friends and family. It is so satisfying to make artwork for the small moments they enjoy with those they love knowing they can trust the way I still pay attention to the smallest, handmade details for our customers.

The best part?

Art & Souls Creative Studio has expanded to offer handmade work in our online store, in addition to our retail partners, and pop-up shows. I hope you enjoy our handmade artwork that serves the slow life, inviting you to savor the small moments.