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handmade artist, pottery


Thank you for visiting my online studio. I am a working artist finding creative solutions with common materials. Making handmade artwork helps me to celebrate slow and savor intentional living. In my studio, I explore forms and shapes to make prototypes for the latest collections. I refine my designs to bring only the best products to you, your family, and friends. See the latest carefully crafted + curated collections to find favorites for your home.

Kelly Brinkmann, Owner + Artist + Writer + Speaker

Hands Down, We Have the BEST Customers

I get compliments on my clay earrings all the time. What I love most about them is that are unique and no one has an exact matching pair! In fact, I loved them so much that my sister bought a couple of other pairs from you. Thank you for making them!
Nurse, Wife & Mom of Boys
We have so many beautiful pieces of your pottery in our home. They add such a warmth to our table and they have become treasured pieces for our family. We get many compliments at parties and family gatherings.
Thank you!
Art Teacer
This is my new FAVORITE mug! Thank you! It's so cute and warm and perfect!
Therapist, Wife & Mom
"I've always loved the look of Kelly's clay jewelry but when I saw two specific pieces I became obsessed! Then, after wearing them all day, I fell in love even further because they're so comfortable! And they go with just about everything so as a mom-on-the-go who loves to always look her best, these are such a great way to look put together effortlessly!"
Photographer, Musician & Mama
Your clay trees were so cool that I bought a set of 3 for everyone on my gift list this year. There were one-of-a-kind gift and a big hit. Thanks!
I have a beautiful platter that has character....lines and curves, roughness and smoothness. I love how unique it is! Also I have a Hug-and-a-Mug cup and it keeps coffee extra warm and makes me happy to look at it! It includes two of my favorite things...teal and a heart!
Teacher, Artist, and Grandma

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