Essential Oils

Plant-Based Solutions for Natural Living

A note from the artist, Kelly Brinkmann…

Essentail oils are a big part of my studio and home. Quality oils have been a game-changer to help me treat seasonal changes (good bye sneezing fits!), heal cuts or skin abrasions. Using plant-based solutions help me take proactive, intentional steps to support my immune system. I use my handmade clay diffusers and natural diffuser jewelry in my home. 

What to Look for When Researching Essential Oils

It seems essentail oils are everywhere these days, but when I saw them in the dollar bin and at so many different places, I was prompted to research where the plants for essential oils are grown, who owns the fields, how the plants and oils are tested for purity (even by independent labs) and what oils are certified non-GMO. I found the best oils for our family.

Why I started Using Essentail Oils

I was looking for different ways to treat changes in seasons and a friend told me about using the Young Living brand of essential oils in the starter kit. It contains their most popular oils plus a diffuser with alternating power settings and LED lights, including a candle-flicker setting. I decided to order the kit because I simply had to find better solutions for better health. I was cautious at first and I asked a LOT of questions and did research; the more I used them, the more I loved what they did for my whole body. Once I learned a great recipe for spring and fall flare-ups, I wondered what else I could address with plant-based oils.

Solutions for Our Family

Our son had ear pain after swimming and I found a DIY roller-bottle recipe in that worked great to give him relief. I have never excluded traditional medicine, but I have found ways to help me and our family and support our own immune health. I have learned a lot of info (including our son’s DIY recipe!) in a private essential oils FB group with others where I can search for solutions, tips and recipes to help our family. If you do not already use essentail oils, grab your starter kit today and start making intentional steps to start learning to help yourself and your family.  When you grab a starter kit with my referral link (#17525875) I will add you to our essential oils FB group so we can learn more together. 


If you have any questions, send me a note at I would be glad to help you get started on your own natural journey. 

P.S. Insider tip: enroll in the Essential Rewards (ER) program when you get your kit to get FREE shipping and get a wholesale membership to save 24% off retail prices (see Step 2 when you enroll). 

P.S.S. Essential rewards (ER) is free and can be cancelled any time. When you enroll, look for Step 3 and choose the Thieves essentail rewards kit for next month. You have 30 days to make changes to your account – you have total control of your account at all times. Once you get your starter kit in the mail, let’s talk so I can help you learn about each oil and help you learn to make any changes to your account. 

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