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Natural Living: How to Make a Plant-Based Home with Essential Oils & Cleaners


Creating a Clean and Chemical-free Home Studio

I’m a granola gurl at heart. In the fourth grade, I was a part of the Nature Nuts group and we spent a lot of time outdoors. In high school, I started the Planeteers, our own enviro-superheroes group set on reclycling and making wiser choices for the environment. 

My desire to be a good steward of what I have been given has followed me into adulthood, too. I still drive to the recylcing center, only this time, my kids go with me. I reclaim found textures from packaging to make them studio tools. As an artist, I reclaim clay by preparing it to be used again. Although these choices are a task, they are representative of my drive to use what I have been given in a responsible way. 

I have used some chemical-free cleaners like natural vinegar and simple baking soda in our home and in my studio for years, but recently I started to replace our household products with chemical-free options. I have started using more plant-based products, like essential oils, in our home.  

essential oils soap

Creating a Natural Home and Studio

Essential oils are the essence of plants that have been used by cultures past and present to benefit the whole body. While conducting some research on the ingredients in some of the products I use in our home, I learned about some alarming side effects that caused me to search for better options. I found great chemical-free options in a line of essential oils by the Young Living brand.  

This week in the studio, I am washing all of the clay studio towels, rags and smocks for the spring season. I ordered Thieves laundry soal infused with essential oils for a natural clean. Because the prouct is super concentrated, I divided it up into 3 pump bottles to make it last a bit longer while still packing a powerful punch.

What was my result? My smocks and towles are clean and chemical-free. 

Read more to see how I did it…

essential oils pump bottle

This is How I Made Essential Oil Laundry Detergent:

  1. I started with three 32 ounce pump bottles to make my easy-to-use laundry detergent. These are the bottles I use in my studio and home.
  2. Then, I divided the Thieves Laundry Soap evenly into three bottles. I wrote the date I made the diluted soap on the bottle to keep track of my use.  
  3. I slowly filled the rest of the bottle with tap water.
  4. Then, I added an instruction sticker with directions to use 1 pump for small laods and 2 pumps for large or tough loads. This is the label maker I have used for years.
laundry soap essential oils

Cost Analysis:

I wrote the date I made the diluted soap on the bottle to keep track of my use.  

One of the benefits of diluting the essential oils infused soap is the cost savings. Here is how it breaks down:

Thieves Essential-oil Infused Laundry Soap $29.50 (Young Living wholesale pricing) 

$6.99 shipping + $2.85 tax = $39.34

$39.34 / 3 pump bottles = $13.11 per bottle 

For my family of five, I used 1/2 half of one diluted pump bottle in 60 days. SIXTY. DAYS. 

The cost breaks down to $6.56 for 60 days, or $3.28 per month to get clean and natural  laundry. 

That’s a great savings and a great way to be chemical-free for this Nature Nut. 


If making a natural home and studio is important to you, too, find essential oils to get started today. 




  1. Whaaaa??!! Dat cost analysis tho! Holy cow what’s that like pennies a day? Thanks for the step by step Kel this is way simpler than I was thinking, literally just diluting and no science experiment type concoctions!

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