Use the images below as wallpaper on your phone to encourage you throughout the day.

See also our instant downloads in the Coloring Scripture Study Bookmark Collection.

How to add photo wallpaper to your phone:

1. Click on photo below and save it to your phone. Try holding it until ‘save to photos’ appears or take a screen shot to add it to your camera roll by clicking the phone lock button and home button at the same time.
2. Next, open the settings on your phone
3. Scroll to ‘wallpaper’ and click to open
4. Click ‘choose new wallpaper’
5. Open ‘all photos’ and select the photo you just added
6. Pinch the photo to scale it down to fit the screen on your phone
7. Select ‘set’ and choose if you want to set just the lock screen or the home screen (the ‘home’ screen is the background screen behind all of your apps)
8. Lock your screen and select the ‘home’ button on your phone to see if the immage is appearing correctly. If it needs adjustment, repeat steps 2-7.