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Seek-n-Find-Me – printable art file


Study and spend time with God’s words of truth when you complete this bookmark + study puzzle. Color and design while you contemplate scripture and how it applies daily.

Each downloadable file includes 4 booksmarks per page to make it easy to keep or give copies printed on white or colored cardstock. See the gift sets for printed bookmarks.



These hand-drawn and lettered artwork files can be printed on brightly colored cardstock and cut into individual bookmarks. Print the set on white cardstock, cut to size, and have fun coloring them in with colored pencils as a way to study the verse and spend time with it.

These bookmarks are great to share with friends, bible study groups, students, teachers, etc. Or pair them with a small pack of colored pencils, add a ribbon, and give them as valentines, thank you gifts, or just to make someone smile.  Downloadable file will be emailed with purchase at 300dpi print resolution.

“I’m a drawer, doodler, and an artist. When I am studying a scripture, I spend time with it and let it soak into my bones so it becomes who I am. I often draw bookmarks like these to share with friends as a way to encourage them, remind them of God’s promises, and brighten their day,” says Kelly Brinkmann, the artist.



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