Clay-Making and Faith Stories

praying in bed

A Bed Full of Blessings

Over a decade ago, I sat alone on the wooden floor of my bedroom. It was quiet and I gazed at the sunlight dappling on the floor in ways I had never noticed before. I watched with amusement, a big smile filling me while I kept an eye on the window overlooking the front lawn. I had a special present coming for my birthday and the delivery truck was scheduled to arrive anytime. My bedroom was cleared out, the floors swept and fresh new linens had been washed and folded waiting for my new bed to arrive. Although I was single and unmarried, I had chosen a king size bed at the store at the last minute. The bedroom mock up on the showroom floor usually features a king size bed to encourage the purchase of the largest model, complete with matching dressers and side tables. Stylists and professional merchandisers at the store had made the bed up with striped linens like a hotel piled with rows of pillows and shams and accent pillows all designed to draw you into dreams of resting in this luxurious bedroom set in your own home. For me, the plush bedding did not draw me in; it was the size of the bed that stopped me in my tracks. The prospect of buying the biggest bed available for me, just one person, made me smile, laugh even, because to an outsider, it could appear to be ridiculous decision. To an onlooker, it might appear to be too indulgent, or even wasteful to get the largest size mattress, but I wanted it both for now and for the future. I chose the oversized bed because I pictured myself laying in it and sleeping, knowing it would be a physical reminder to pray and ask God

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Reclaiming Clay and Reclaiming My Heart

One of the parts of pottery that most people do not see is reclaiming, or reworking clay so it becomes usable again. Taking dried out clay or a pile of mistakes to make it into usable clay is the reclaiming process. Reclaiming takes place in a simple bucket with clay at the bottom bathed in water. Have your hands ever been really, really messy? Do you make a ‘fine mess’ while making your favorite treat? Do ‘little hands’ help you make kitchen creations while dusting all the other surfaces with flour and laughter at the same time?

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