Biz Tools

Do you want to pursue your passion and walk in your purpose?

These are the  top tools I recommend:

About a year and a half ago, I was introduced to a handmade business titan slash coach, Renae Christine. This is the best training I have ever used to grow my business. I started with her free training and it changed my whole world. It’s perfect for handmade crafters and people who have always wondered what it would be like to pursue their purpose and grow their passion into a business, but just don’t know where to start. Now, there is a way to do just that and you, too, can start today! Don’t waste another year, another season, or another day wondering what you could do. Get started on what you can do!


As a writer, I have gained much from a road already traveled by fellow blogger, Lisa, from Her course, How to Start a Blog, is the perfect setting for writers and it provides some solid advice for getting started on creating your best blog. 


Wellness is really important to me because being well helps me be ready to show up for my life. One of the things that has helped me was starting to use  essential oils to help my health and create a naturally chemical-free home. Using essential oils has helped me be healthier and fight off illness, which improves my daily living and ability to grow my business. 

For my clients, I develop business strategies for companies and organizations who want to propel their business forward. Whether you are a new business owner or a seasoned veteran, we can all benefit from an outside perspective to help overcome obstacles that prevent us from working at our full potential. Undeveloped systems, reoccurring communication issues, financial mismanagement or unorganized work areas can hinder work production. By meeting with owners and executives, I listen to your challenges, develop customized solutions followed with measurable action steps to help you overcome hurdles in your business or organization. Solutions may include creating internal processes, work flow plans, forms and systems to integrate communication among internal and external contacts. Then, I follow-up with progress to help you stay on track and address other opportunities. 

Fee structures are based on the overall scope of client projects. Contact me so I can help your business or organization at